4 Tips on Making a Career in Fitness Modeling

The fitness world has existed since long and provided great career opportunities to energetic youngsters. Making a career in the industry requires perseverance and hardworking individuals to come up. Right from small time fitness magazine posters to heavy promotional product ad campaigns, the opportunities can be endless in this field. A few tips on becoming… Continue Reading

Mentoring your mentees with a clear insight

Research shows that mentoring can be the most satisfying profession if you are genuinely interested in taking it up as a profession. Mentoring is the art of developing a one to one or a group relationship between an adult and a person much younger. Through this relationship, the mentor passes on valuable guidance and support… Continue Reading

Tie the knot with the special one!


Marriage happens only once, atleast for most of us. A sacred institution in itself, it is believed to bind two people together for a lifetime. The concept of marriage has gained a lot of paparazzi off late. All said and done, you need to think extremely hard before taking the plunge. Horoscope Matching All you… Continue Reading

5 Tips to augment your photography skills


Capturing precious moments for someone is the best thing you can do in a lifetime. Be it a wedding ceremony, a child’s first birthday celebrations, some old grandpa’s 75th birthday or your beloved parent’s silver jubilee anniversary, there is a lot to be preserved from these occasions. This has led to heavy demand for professional… Continue Reading

6 Tips to become an efficient web developer


Dotcoms are flourishing and on a big scale in the recent times; so if you have given it a thought on becoming a web developer, the choice is excellent. Much more than programming, web development has a lot of fun involved, mixed with creativity and innovation. Creativity and passion The two are interlinked at every… Continue Reading

7 Tips to become a proficient stylist


Celebrities, models, artists, corporate honchos, in short, the crème de la crème and just about the who’s who of the glamour and media want a personal stylist; do you fit the bill? Take a look below and learn how to be one of the pros; you never know which diva would want your help! Accept… Continue Reading