7 Ways on Using Facebook in Education

Social networking is immensely popular among students. Since more and more cases of kidnapping, identity theft, online bullying, etc have been associated with social networking sites in the recent past, many feel that sites like Facebook can be misused by students. On the contrary, numerous teachers and lecturers feel that Facebook can be an effective… Continue Reading

Tips 5 Tips to Become a Monk

A monk is not just someone you see in movies. He is a person who is into the practicing of religious asceticism, surviving in his life either alone or with other monks who are like him. If the term asceticism confuses you, it is nothing but a lifestyle that is characterized by the abstinence from… Continue Reading

5 Useful Tips On Becoming Nun

The vocation of nun is a great religious way of being close to God. Nuns are admired and respected a lot by the society. Women who are single and widow can become nuns. Every community has some age requirements for becoming a nun. Women who have grown up children can become nuns. You should be… Continue Reading

Business Analysis as a Career Choice: A 5-Step Guide


A Business Analyst is one who studies and analyzes real or hypothetical organizations to design its processes and systems. The Business Analyst assesses the business model and its integration with technology. Restructuring failing or non-profitable systems or organizations is also an invaluable contribution of Business Analysts in corporate. A BA’s job is demanding, but also… Continue Reading

10 Step’s to Becoming Club Promoter


A club promoter is the person who arranges for party goers to attend a party or a do at club premise or other such venues. In principle, yes, it is that simple. However, in reality, a promoter’s job is much more than that. It requires a certain mindset, meticulous planning, excellent marketing and people skills,… Continue Reading

How To Make An Impact By Getting Involved


The citizens of each country need to contribute in the way they seem plausible for the betterment of the nation. This will certainly alleviate major problems from the world over, and help reduce the gap among the people. Make an effort, as each of us have a duty towards our community as well. All our… Continue Reading

6 Ways to make your LinkedIn account more appealing


The age of social networking started almost a decade ago with the arrival of Facebook and the likes. For the professional people, the option available to connect with their counterparts on the internet was LinkedIn. It provided them access to many tools to utilize while connecting with other like-minded people in the relevant profession. Here… Continue Reading