Tips on Becoming a Foster Carer


Providing foster care is similar to adopting a child and involves the same steps. A child that is placed in your foster care may remain with you for several months. The first step is to ensure that the child is safe and is given the love and assurance required to recoup from the stress and… Continue Reading

10 Tips For Choosing Baby’s Name


One of the joys of having a child is to select a name that you think is appropriate for your little one. If you start planning as soon as you conceive, then you can list out a few names for boys as well as girls to prepare yourself for their arrival. Take the time to… Continue Reading

8 Tips on Choosing Toys for Toddlers


The CPSC (U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission) regulates and monitors toys. Toys that are imported to USA or made there should conform to their standards. Toys are generally labeled for different age groups. It is very essential to select safe toys for toddlers and supervise toddlers when they are playing. Many infants have the habit… Continue Reading