Top 10 Tips to Become a Face Model

A face model is someone who does not go on hardcore dieting just to have that perfect shape and body. Generally, face models are hired for hair accessories, jewelry and cosmetic promotion photo shoots. Therefore, you don’t need to have a sleek and skinny dipping figure with a taller height to become a face model.… Continue Reading

Top 5 Tips to Become a Body Piercer

Body piercing is more like an art that expresses inner emotions of different people. Whether it is about the fantastic appearance or a part of a culture that people follow, body piercing has gained immense popularity in the market by creating its special place and image in the hearts of the people. Most of the… Continue Reading

Top 5 Tips to Be a Plus Size Model

Modeling industry is generally said to be meant for those who are skinny, tight in terms of their bodies and excellent in appearance. However, the industry has changed is outlook towards models and modeling agencies hire anyone if he or she is worth becoming a part of the industry. Gone are the days when only… Continue Reading

Top 6 Tips to Be a Tattoo Designer

Wow is something that comes out of our mouths as soon as we witness someone with a good and ravishing tattoo design. Tattoos were earlier used as religious symbols that were compulsory to be made on the bodies of people belonging to particular religions and castes. For an instance, Gujarati crowd in India (one of… Continue Reading

5 Tips on Being a Hair Dresser

There were times when pony tails and braids were enough to prove that the woman was fashionable and knew how to carry herself on roads. However, looking at the current demand for fashion and style, women learn a lot of new hairstyles so that they are able to delight the eyes of others on roads… Continue Reading

Top 5 Tips to Become a Shoe Designer

Have you ever wondered what had happened to the story of Cinderella if she never had that glass slipper on her feet? How would the prince have recognized her if the shoe wouldn’t have fit in her foot? What is so wonderful about Cinderella that it gained popularity more than the other fairy tales? The… Continue Reading

4 Gorgeous Tips on Becoming Hair Model

Few careers exist where you can be paid for being pampered. Being a hair model can get you there. However, if you were serious about making this your career, you would need a lot more than beautiful hair to make the cut. You have to learn self-promoting techniques and basic prerequisites and etiquette to being… Continue Reading