6 ways to improve your willpower today

  Willpower is a name of that bird which can tilt the balance of your lifestyle either way.  It’s a reaction to a constant battle between your mind and heart.  We see people doing things which we desire to, and then keep telling ourselves “I can do it too”, only to end up with nothing.… Continue Reading

6 simple ways to survive

In today’s date, struggle has become a prominent part and parcel of each one of our lives. As a result, the stress devloped is likely to affect both our physical as well as emotional well-being. If you wish to get your life sorted, then it is vital for you to keep stress miles away from… Continue Reading

17 Ways to overcome Loneliness

  Loneliness sprouts majorly due to boredom. Some of the theories proposed say that a steady dosage of new people can keep boredom and loneliness away.  There is solitude and loneliness to everyone’s way of life. Loneliness is to be left by yourself, while solitude is chosen to be alone and enjoying. Go to the… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

Twitter does not need any special introduction. As one of the leading and prominent Micro Blogging sites on the earth, Twitter has become tremendously popular among people of all age groups. Its rising popularity makes Twitter one of the biggest Social Media platforms for the marketers to reach millions of customers. In fact, Twitter can… Continue Reading

5 Ways to prevent bullying in your classroom

One of the biggest problems of the twenty first century that students and children deal with, sometimes on a daily basis, is bullying. Studies have shown that students nowadays have the same anxiety levels as asylum patients did back in the 50’s and part of this anxiety comes from bullying. Due to this horrible activity,… Continue Reading

4 Ways to deal with bullying

For many years, bullying has been and continues to be a threat to the way children feel when growing up. While the cases of bullying getting extreme aren’t very common, there are times when children or even adults feel threatened and depressed due to a certain bully or more. The reason why people do this… Continue Reading