5 Ways to fundraise


Trying to raise money for that special project, emergency, or charitable venue can be a task but with the options available to day the chances of success are increased. In the old days the chances of success with a fundraiser depended on lots of work regarding setting up things via print, holding events, and the… Continue Reading

6 Ways to apologize


It’s a tough thing to do to admit one is wrong or has offended someone. Apologizing is one of these human actions that is like pulling teeth to do. Entire wars have been waged because someone couldn’t apologize. Some wars ended because someone took enough responsibility and courage to apologize. All in all, there are… Continue Reading

6 Awesome Ways to be an Up Stander

Bullying makes our lives hell. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to stand against bullying. Every single day, we all get the opportunity to stand against bullying and make our school, college, workplace, a better place. There are many ways by which one can be an up stander. Here are some of… Continue Reading

10 Good Ways To Leave Your Lover


The time comes in everyone’s life when he or she wants to go away from a partner with whom the relationship does not work well at one or another step. Whether you feel loss of understanding and connection in the relationship or something unwanted happened between you that cannot be fix to store warmth of… Continue Reading