3 Tips to become a great singer


The dream of millions of people from all around the world is to become a singer. As music plays quite an import role in our everyday lives, more and more people from all around the world who listen to it decide that they would like to become famous as a singer later in life. With… Continue Reading

Tips on Becoming a Freemason


The Freemason fraternity is the largest and oldest in the world and they presently have over two million active members. These members have been active since the late 16th or early 17th century. Some of their members were kings and presidents as well as religious hears and scholars. Freemasonry closes all boundaries of religions in… Continue Reading

12 Encouraging Tips on becoming Foster Parent


One of the joys of becoming a foster parent is to take care of some unfortunate child or children, who have been abused, neglected or exploited and require temporary care out of their present surroundings. Caretakers will be allowed to offer their homes to such children after preference is given to relatives. Foster parents require… Continue Reading

6 Winning Ways to Build Brands in the Post-Digital World


Brand strategy in the digital world offers a whole new dimension today as innovative adaptations are being introduced to encourage and maintain brand consistency. Branding products involves incorporation of both digital as well as traditional mediums. It is important for using new platforms that are technologically included apart from using the existing platforms that were… Continue Reading

10 ways to Avoid over sharing on social media


Social media, the biggest hit of the 21st century, is a platform to connect. With the world shrinking in connectivity, socializing online has been the recent norm. The concept has emerged all across the globe. Users share information, videos, snaps and any content across the web. In the recent time, your social media profile represents… Continue Reading

3 Most Genuine Ways to Hack-Proof Your Social Media


Social Media communication is becoming commonest of the common norms, however, as every rule has exceptions to it, there are people who are the denizens of hackers’ dungeon and are ready to steal away your vital information. Keeping themselves glued to whatever information they come across like your ‘trespass’ word meaning the password, your address,… Continue Reading

Tips on proper bar etiquette


Whenever one goes in a bar, a certain bar etiquette must be followed. Some things are allowed to be done, while others are forbidden. Leaving these aside, there are also unwritten rules which are good to follow in order to make sure that everything goes well. Here are some tips related to the proper bar… Continue Reading