7 Tips to Being Deliciously Happy

You have been designed to enjoy life. All humans have been. Many do not feel as if they deserve to have all of the happiness life has to offer. If you find yourself feeling this way, you do not have to suffer through it. Use these seven tips to be deliciously happy with your life.… Continue Reading

5 ways to say ‘No’

Whether you bow out gracefully or you simply reject a person’s idea and not the person,there is nothing wrong with saying ‘no’. Sometimes, with a no details need to be shared. In the 1980s, there was an ineffective drug campaign that was, in one way, effective because everyone remembers the slogan, ‘Just Say ‘No!’’ However,… Continue Reading

5 Top Ways to Travel Better and Enjoy

Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences and you can make your traveling better by following some ways or tips. There are many ways that makes your traveling much better than you have expected. A few ways are mentioned below: 1. Don’t over plan, just plan Planning for traveling is good, but over planning… Continue Reading

8 Tips To Make Sure You Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Every bride expects their wedding day to be perfect. Did you know that this may be an impossible expectation.? Don’t expect everything to be perfect. If you don’t expect perfection, you won’t worry if something doesn’t go exactly as planned. It may save you from having a nervous breakdown and help you stay calm on… Continue Reading

6 Tips to reduce employee Theft

According to 2008 survey, employees were responsible for 44 percent of thefts. This also added up to $15.9 billion in retail losses. Did you know employees managed to steal more than shoplifters? A survey showed employees stole so much that it resulted in $12.7 billion in loss. However, retail stores can help cut down on… Continue Reading

4 Ways to overcome your Fear and Live Life

There are many people in this world who deal with fear on a day-to-day basis. Whether there are simple anxieties or fear of further complicated issues, you cannot let fear conquer and control your life. If you are under serious depression or significantly concerned about issues surrounding your life, seek medical attention immediately. On the… Continue Reading