Five tips on becoming an artist

People spend their lives dreaming of becoming and artist and never realize that it’s not magical but something that comes from within the person. It calls for knowing what art is and the tools used to produce it. There are so many fallacies regarding becoming an artist that they need to be cleared up. Here… Continue Reading

5 Ways to get your vegan snack on


Eating a healthy diet is essential to one’s well being and that means knowing how to do it right. Some people, actually tens of millions of people around the world stick to a vegan diet. The evidence of the benefits of a vegan diet are scientifically recorded and dieticians work day and night to find… Continue Reading

5 Ways to fundraise


Trying to raise money for that special project, emergency, or charitable venue can be a task but with the options available to day the chances of success are increased. In the old days the chances of success with a fundraiser depended on lots of work regarding setting up things via print, holding events, and the… Continue Reading

6 Ways to apologize


It’s a tough thing to do to admit one is wrong or has offended someone. Apologizing is one of these human actions that is like pulling teeth to do. Entire wars have been waged because someone couldn’t apologize. Some wars ended because someone took enough responsibility and courage to apologize. All in all, there are… Continue Reading

5 Ways to make fake blood


It’s not only the Halloween season that calls for people to make fake blood. Entertainment such as plays, movies, video, even the popular Cosplay niche where people dress up like vampires and monsters calls for someone to come up with a good looking fake blood solution. Now there are many ways to make fake blood… Continue Reading

5 Ways to overcome fear


There’s no other enemy to a person than their fear. Fear is the reason we don’t do things, the reason things fall apart, and the tool by which others use to dominate us. Overcoming one’s fears is essential to survival and must be done early in life. If one carries childhood fears into adulthood it… Continue Reading

8 Ways to find your calling


Life is the adventure you’re experiencing right now. Even if you’re up in age you might feel like you’re not doing what you really feel is satisfying. We often fall into the trap of following the tide and not looking at the unique things we can do in life. It’s tragic to see that years… Continue Reading