Tips To Help You Memorize Faster

It might be a need at some point in your life, particularly when preparing for an exam right before it or in a long-term study to gain expertise in an area such as arts or linguistics that are not to be solved as in mathematics but need to be memorized much like geography or history. Thus, we offer here some tips that have always been proven useful, whether for kids or for adults.


The key to remember facts or trivia is to relate them to something you already know by heart or through experience and have lesser possibility to forget under stress and other circumstances. When you try to remember new things by simply referring to something else, it gets easier.

Write It Down

It has been found scientifically that writing something down has a deeper impact on our brain compared to just reading a line. This stays longer in the memory as a result.


The outcome is always important even if not the entire story. Thus, if you remember the final result you will tend to behave in ways to use that information for other purposes. The same goes for memorizing stuff.

Sections And Partitions

This is an effective technique to identify the key points in a passage and break it down to some keywords or some categories. This helps you to form a storyboard in your mind and finally weaving it all together helps you recollect the entire structure, even if, not the exact lines and words.

Take A Break

The best part of learning and memorizing is to understand when to take a break and relax your grey matter for a while before charging it up once again. It acts as a buffer to store and process before taking up further data for storage.

These tips may be practiced separately or together as you prefer.

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