Six tips for writing dialogue for your brand video

In today’s market nothing is more important than your brand name. It’s the sight and sound of what you stand for. Establishing a band means promotion and solid service. Part of that promotion is the use of video and knowing how to write dialogue for your brand video is of paramount importance.

We’ve all seen those promotional videos from marketing gurus and others who just blurt out any old catch phrases, sound bytes and so on. They’re nothing more than a cheap way of getting the public’s attention and selling something. The really bad ones they push all over even on television to the point of being tiresome. These marketers don’t know the value of well written dialogue and those that do often won’t pay for it. They’ll find some hack somewhere to pump out some bland and unattractive copy that won’t go farther than a few feet if you could throw it. Not all is lost though. If one is somewhat adept at writing copy and dialogue here are a few tips you can follow to get the show on the road.

1.) Write a solid outline

Without a map, going into unfamiliar territory is dangerous. That’s what an outline is for any copy or dialogue, script, book, or whatever needs writing and delivery. You’re going to have either a narration on your brand video or a combination of a spokesperson and narration. Knowing what to say and how to say it is important. One has to have that outline to follow so that all good points are covered. Make a list of all the important issues that your brand name must reach. Location, population, services, support and the like. What does the competition offer in comparison, why should people choose you and the like. With a solid outline you’ll have a guideline and won’t end up stumbling all over yourself.

2.) Hit the high points

In your dialogue you want to hit the high points first and throughout the copy. You may have a corporate slogan or catchphrase. If so then pepper your dialogue with it at just the right time to ensure the public remembers that name and repeats it. If you offer discounts then lead up to that high point and put some emphasis on it. Starting with your slogan, then ending it with it is an age old tradition and it works. Other high points are what others say about your service. These testimonials may require some style as most people aren’t that skilled at speaking. You may have to help them along the way and make sure they mention your brand name.

3.) Put some snazz on it

It’s a showman’s game and in making your brand video stand out you’ll need to put some snazz on it. Most spokespersons of a video already know how to make any copy sound good, but it takes some skill as the writer to put those just right goodies in there and watch that dialogue spark up with life. This doesn’t mean to overdo it but remember, you’re promoting your brand name and if it doesn’t stick into the minds of the public you’re just wasting time and money. Look at some of the most successful videos and see how they do it. Most are low-key but do have that snazz to it. It will take some fine tuning but you’ll find just the right recipe and reach your goals.

4.) Facts and statistics

Nowadays statistics and facts are essential in getting people to understand what you’re promoting. They’ve heard so much hype that they probably wouldn’t believe Santa Claus himself if he showed up promoting snow cones. When you throw in some facts that back up your brand name’s claims you can bet people will check on them. Once they see the facts they’ll know you’re on the honest side of the tracks and people will have that brand name floating around in their heads when it comes time to make a purchase.

5.) Add that friendly touch

Remember, you’re selling people something. You’re asking them to trust you and that calls for a lot. This means you had better not be pushy or overwhelming to them. You need to be spot on but you also have to reassure them that they have a friend in you and your brand name. Again, that brand name is about trust. Ruin it and you may never get that trust back. Don’t add dialogue that is condescending or invalidating, just speak clearly, add the garnishes and wait for the handshakes and smiles. This is one of the most important things. Reason being that once you gain trust, it will follow you and your company for years to come.

6.) Wry wit and humor never hurt

That’s right, having a good sense of humor has never hurt a great brand name video. Dialogue can actually go from wry wit to outrageous comedy. It all depends on the subject of your brand name. Too much comedy could hurt and too little could make you look robotic and uncreative. It’s up to your own judgment and you’ll find out soon from the feedback. Try out your brand name video dialogue with your colleagues and friends, even family. They’ll let you know if it’s funny or not. Some of the greatest brand names in the world are built on humor. This takes some finesse. Even companies that no longer exist people remember those brand names. They remember the slogans and jokes. Many have become cultural icons.


Writing good dialogue for your brand name video calls for some doing on your part. Even if you can’t write and you need to hire someone you’ll be able to guide them along the way to make sure things go right. Just take some time, look at the professional approach and then follow through. Once you get it out there the public will grow with you and that’s the road to success.

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