4 Tips on How to Use Google Plus Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an instant messaging application from Google Inc that allows its users to perform video chat and work together by share information easily. Hangouts is available through various Google properties like Gmail, mobile apps and also with Google Plus. After Facebook, Google Plus is the second most popular social networking website.

Google Plus Hangouts is nothing but availability of Hangouts feature inside Google Plus. Google Hangouts allows two or more users to get into conversations with each other simultaneously. During the conversation, users can easily share media files. The shared photos are automatically added to Google+ private album. It allows users to add up to ten users to involve in group video chat. Here is how you can use Google+ Hangouts:

Getting Started

In order to start a Hangouts session, you need to sign-in into Google Plus website by using Google account login credentials. At the top right side of the screen, you will see the Hangouts icon. Here you will see the list of contacts, you can click on any name to start a Hangouts session and then a separate chat box will open. Here you are required to hit the plus button to add contacts.

You can also search for new contacts by entering information such as name or email address or phone number in the search field. You can initiate a text chat session and at any time you can turn it into a video chat session. If you are going to use the video chat feature for the first time, you will be prompted by Google to install the Google Voice and Video software.

Google+ Hangouts Chats

While chatting, you can anytime add emoticons to express your feelings. Additionally, you can also add emoji symbols while chatting. The small camera icon available at the bottom right side of the chat box allows users to share photos. You can either share a photo by snapping a new photo by using your webcam or through photos stored in your PC or phone’s memory. The pencil icon which appears on the left of the camera icon can be used for sharing drawings. The Gear icon on the chat window lets you modify settings like notifications, history archive, delete, and block.

Video Chat and Additional Features

Once you have started a video chat session and added the desired number of users to the group chat, you can try accessing the additional features that can be accessed by all the chat participants simultaneously. On the left side of the chat window, you will find host of other features such as text chat, screenshare, capture, and drawing, share YouTube videos, collaborating on documents stored on Google Drive and you can also share links. You can also improve the quality of the video by choosing from image enhancing options like brighten, focus, spotlight, warm and more.

Broadcast Through Hangouts on Air

From the drop down menu available on the Home button of Google+ page, you can choose Hangouts to launch a dedicated webpage. Here you will find access to Hangouts on Air, a feature that allows you to broadcast your videos to the world without paying any money.

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