Tips 5 Tips to Become a Monk

A monk is not just someone you see in movies. He is a person who is into the practicing of religious asceticism, surviving in his life either alone or with other monks who are like him. If the term asceticism confuses you, it is nothing but a lifestyle that is characterized by the abstinence from the pleasures of the world in order to pursue spiritual goals. There are various religious traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and some of the Christian groups as well that indulge into the practices of restraining desires, with respect to actions performed by the body, speech as well as mind. If you think you wish to be a monk, we are here to help you with these five tips given below:

  1. Be sure about what you want:

    Just in case you don’t know how a monk’s life is, read various novels, books and articles that talk about the lives of monks and be sure about what you wish to do. It is not easy to leave and sacrifice the pleasures that you generally get to enjoy, being a human. Tongue delighting delicacies, sexual pleasures, self chosen hobbies, etc. are not something that you would be getting to enjoy as a monk. You would have to spend most of your time being close to God, by praying and meditating.

  2. Practice meditation:

    If you really want to transform yourself into a monk, you need to be a master in meditation. Learn about the seven chakras that exist within your body and start focusing on each of them, every day so that you are able to understand how to control all of your seven chakras, especially your Third Eye. With the help of Third Eye meditation, your psychic abilities enhance and you are able to think in a much matured manner.

  3. Get indulged in a particular religion:

    Choose what kind of a monk you wish to turn into with regards to the selection of religions. If you know which religion interests you the most, all you need to do is read in and out about that religion and be well equipped about the preaching made by the monks who existed before you existence. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the religion you have selected so that you know what you, as a monk of that religion, are expected to do.

  4. Take the temporary vows:

    Generally, all the religions allow you to take vows on temporary basis, so that you are made aware about the life of being away from all the worldly pleasures. During this period, you are taught about how you need to live, what you need to eat, how you are expect to pray, meditate, and other similar things that are related to your life. With the help of such vows, you get to practice on how to be a monk for all your life. Moreover, if you think it is being too difficult for you to be a monk during this phase, you can take your step back and lead a secular life.

  5. Take the permanent vows:

    Before you do this, make sure that you are completely confident about your decision of being a monk for all your life. Remember the rules that you need to follow and how you are expected to keep yourself with cleanse thoughts. You are not even supposed to think sexually of the opposite gender, when it comes to being a monk. If you think you can do all these things, you can easily take a deep breath and take the permanent vows to be included in the team of permanent monks.

Being a monk is not an easy thing to do hence you need to be extremely careful and dedicated in order to become one. All you need to do is self analyze and be sure about what you wish to achieve.

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