5 Useful Tips On Becoming Nun

The vocation of nun is a great religious way of being close to God. Nuns are admired and respected a lot by the society. Women who are single and widow can become nuns. Every community has some age requirements for becoming a nun. Women who have grown up children can become nuns. You should be healthy and without any debts. You should find nuns as mentors who can give you information about their life and work. We will tell you some great ways of choosing the vocation of a nun. 5 useful tips on becoming nun are as follows.

1. Pray and read Bible

If you want to become a nun, you should pray and feel that the idea of becoming a nun is Gods invitation and gift. You should realize that you are choosing a vocation in which you will develop a beautiful relationship with God. Praying will help you a lot and you can use a rosary for this. Reading scriptures is necessary so you should make Bible your best friend. Join a group in which you can pray and read Bible along with others.

2. Get education and find order

The vocation of nun needs a woman to be educated. It would be good if you can get a bachelors degree. For becoming a nun, it is better if you can get educated at a religious institution. After this, you need to look for a suitable order, which is a group of nuns. Get familiar with the rules of order you wish to join. Know the dress code and required vows.

3. Explore the orders and join it

Get knowledge about different types of orders. You should find an order whose work fascinates you and you are willing to work in the same area. Some orders work on beekeeping while some work on winemaking. Some orders work in the field of education and do teaching jobs. You will find orders that are dedicating to prayers. You can also choose an order that works for medical causes like fighting AIDS. There are orders for family counseling also. After exploring the orders and finding something that you would want to work for the rest of your life, the final step is to join the order.

4. File written application

You have to apply for joining the community of postulancy by filing an application. This period lasts for 6-24 months. In this time, you have to make plans for becoming a nun. You have to submit in writing your intention of becoming a nun. Living with other nuns in a convent and participating in the activities of other nuns is a part of this step. You have to bear all expenses in this stage. You will be treated like a real nun.

5. Training and taking vows

After the above preparatory stage, the next stage is the actual taking of vows to remain a nun lifelong. It will need a training of at least 51/2 years. In this time, you will learn how to live a monastic life. You will be tested on whether you have the ability to withstand and tolerate the demands of this vocation. When you finish the training, you have to take vows of stability, life conversion and obedience.

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