Ways to Save Sharks – The Dangerous Species in Ocean

Sharks are some of the most dangerous fish in the seas and oceans of the world, as they can attack and eat not only any kind of fish, but also human beings, who may be swimming in the vicinity and boats carrying human beings. The meat of sharks is considered to be a delicacy in many countries, and dishes like sharkfin soup are very popular. Smaller sharks are targeted by fishermen using sophisticated fishing equipment that allows them to pinpoint the location of the shark very accurately. As a result, the population of sharks has dwindled significantly, with some species facing extinction. To preserve the diverse species and ecological balance some ways to save sharks are discussed.

Increase Awareness

People attack sharks because of the general perception that they are dangerous fish who will kill them if they come in contact. This has been reinforced by popular movies such as Jaws which show people being attacked by sharks while swimming in the seas or oceans. They are afraid that they will be attacked themselves, and do not lose any opportunity to attack the sharks as a form of self preservation. It is important to understand that like other animals, sharks do not attack unless hungry, or provoked, it is a natural instinct. So people should treat them just like another predator animals like lions and tigers, which are harmless unless there is an intrusion or are hungry. They should keep a safe distance from them to the extent possible.

Avoid Conflict

One of the best ways to save sharks is to avoid conflict with them, because when attacked, each party will try to preserve itself. While swimming or venturing into the sea, check with the life guard or locals in the area whether the area is infested with sharks, which are likely to attack human beings. These sharks will attack when they are hungry and though at times, the swimmer is injured or dies, the chances of the shark being injured are also high. This is particularly true when surfing, water board, jet skiing, scuba diving or other water sports in the sea or ocean. Sometimes the shark may attack a small boat, in such cases, it is best to escape from the shark as fast as possible. If attacked reach the coast at fast as possible, as sharks are unable to attack on land.

Advantages of Sharks

Though human beings attack sharks to prevent being attacked themselves, the shark plays an important role in maintain the ecological balance in the seas and oceans, and it is important to highlight the advantages. There are many species of fish in the oceans and seas, whose population will increase very rapidly if there is no mechanism to control them, and they will pose a threat to other species such as sea anemones and sea urchins. Predator fish like sharks, will eat the smaller fish, and keep their population under control, maintaining the delicate balance of the eco system in the ocean.

Diversity of Species

It is important to preserve all the species of fish in the ocean, because each fish, even the sharks, has a unique feature which may be very useful at a later date. Many hormones and extracts can be only being obtained from certain types of fish or animals, and can cure terminal illnesses like cancer. These are discovered after extensive research of many years. Hence it is advisable to inform the local authorities about the importance of the fish, which may have a very unique feature at a later date, which cannot be found otherwise.

Educating Fishermen

Fishermen are the main killers of sharks, as they have the equipment for killing the sharks and also sell the dead shark to various consumers, hotels and restaurants. It is important that the fishermen are educated about the importance of sharks, how they must limit the killing of sharks as it will adversely affect the ecological balance of the ocean. Often fishermen are trained to release smaller sharks, and female sharks as these sharks will have more value at a later date. In some places, fishing for sharks is prohibited during a period of few months, so that the fish can flourish.

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