10 Step’s to Becoming Club Promoter

A club promoter is the person who arranges for party goers to attend a party or a do at club premise or other such venues. In principle, yes, it is that simple. However, in reality, a promoter’s job is much more than that. It requires a certain mindset, meticulous planning, excellent marketing and people skills, and flamboyance and charisma. If your goal is to become a club promoter, read ahead, we have outlined 10 steps for you to be a very successful club promoter.

1. Know what it takes

Before jumping into the fray of club promotions it is very important to know what promoting will require of you. Partying and club culture is a totally different ball game from the normal office culture. The office types come to a club to unwind and party. You on the other hand have made partying your job and your life style. You promote the party and get paid for it, enjoying yourself along the way.

Being a club promoter allows you to be your own boss. You can decide when you would like to work. When you are on a gig you may have to really sweat it out and work long hours to set your party. Also, you should be aware that a good party generally goes on late into the night and may even extend into the next day.

Another reality you should be prepared for is that you may be exposed to sleaze, drunkenness, drugs, and law enforcement issues.

Enter into this business only if you are prepared to lead this nocturnal type of life style.

2. Qualifications and Attributes

There are no qualifications required for this job. Even High School dropouts have made more than $200,000 a year. Club promotion is all about people relations, hard work, ingenuity and creativity.

There are certain attributes that you must have as a club promoter:

  • A love for parties and club life – a club or party is your natural element and place of work. Unless you love this lifestyle you just cannot be happy with your work.
  • Knowledge about music genres and trends.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • A natural gift of the gab.
  • A capability to maintain excellent relations and friendships.
  • Should have charismatic personality and have an outgoing nature.
  • Have humility and respect for others.
  • Be able to show consistency in keeping promises.
  • Have ambition and a desire to make money.

3. Be Selective in Targeting Your Market

Do not invite everybody to your party. Be selective in targeting your market. You should be aware of the type of people to whom your party will appeal. There is no point in calling elderly, mature people to a college do.

You must be fully aware of the preferences of your market. Learn of the likes and dislikes of everyone on your list and invite them accordingly. This makes good marketing sense.

4. Decide Your Theme

Before you go around promoting, decide on what you want to promote. There are many different types of parties appealing to different types of people. What type of party are you going to promote and what is unique about it? You need to plan this out thoroughly before you even approach a club.

5. Find a Venue

Make a list of clubs, bars, lounges, concert halls, galleries and all other places where events are held. Approach them and use your best marketing skills and try to convince them of your ability to bring in the crowds. Sell them your unique idea. Most clubs have their established promoters and would be hesitant to try on someone new. You may have to compromise a bit on your expectations in the beginning and start off small and modest. Once you have established yourself, the possibilities are unlimited.

Once you have fixed a deal, stick with it.

6. Decide on a Date

Fix a date for your party. Make sure that very few parties, better still, none, are being held on the same day as yours. Give enough time for preparation and planning. Your invitees should also be given sufficient notice.

7. Arrange for Entertainment

You may have to arrange for entertainment depending on your crowd. DJs, bands, dancers, stand-up comedians are much in demand and you have book them in advance.

8. Hire Help

You cannot be at all places at all times. You may have to hire some help to look after the gate collections, names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails of newcomers. You may consider hiring a photographer to record your event. This can add to your portfolio to get other gigs.

9. Advertise

Take out innovative and attractive flyers for your event, Use social media. Advertise in newspapers, the internet, through e-mails, and telephone calls. Pump up the hype and build up the excitement and expectation for the event. Go all out to market it.

10. Cash-in

Now that you have successfully promoted a club event, it is time to collect your reward. It is either the whole of the cover charge collected per head or a percentage of it. If you have negotiated well you may also get a percentage of the drinks sold. You could make a substantial pile in just a night!

Congratulations on becoming a club promoter. May you promote many more gigs!

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