Making Videos Like a Pro

Nowadays using a DSLR or a camcorder is in vogue. Every aspiring filmmaker wants to have a film like quality while shooting a video. There are multiple techniques involved behind experiencing the Eureka moment. Everyone claims to be a good videographer if they possess a camcorder or a DSLR. The fact is, there are multiple techniques involved behind creating a 30 seconds long video. Amateurs have a tendency of committing some of the worst mistakes while shooting. These mistakes involve –

  • While shooting an interview, there are certain obstacles polluting the background like a telephone pole or a lamp post.
  • The foreground is blurred and darkened to set a contrast against a bright background.
  • Shooting sessile objects which make no sense what so ever.

Thus, in order to avoid such mistakes here are some tips to make a good video –

Be Prepared

While shooting a video it is not necessary that you will be shooting indoors all the time. Outdoor shooting is more common. Here are certain things that you need to be sure of before venturing out. These include items like a fully charged spare battery, a lens cleaning cloth, tripod etc.

Use a tripod

Amateurs have a tendency of shaking the camera which is more of an involuntary action. Use a tripod to get the best shot without any form of disturbances. This will help you in holding the posture in a balanced way, such that you don’t fall over the snap. If the frames are not sharp, the video may not come accurate.


Lighting is the elixir of shooting a good video. Even if you are shooting under broad daylight, you need to have a clear idea about the ISO, shutter speed and aperture. While shooting indoors try switching on as many lights and bulbs as you can. Try incorporating the natural light outside, by opening the blinds.

Ace the quality of the audio

Most of the camcorders and DSLRs have inbuilt audio recorders, but they are of extremely poor quality. Therefore, an external microphone needs to be attached along with the DSLR and camcorder. If you are shooting at a busy street, it is very common that the noise will mellow down your subject’s voice. In such a situation try using the microphone in close proximity of your subject.

Frame rate

While shooting it is essential to shoot at 24 frames per second rate or at 24P mode in your camera. This provides a clear footage. The more you try to break down, the more hazy it will appear.

The movement of the camera

Though most people feel it is not important, but the camera movement plays a vital role while making a video. It can involve anything from setting it up on a tripod to finalizing, or no movement at all. This also involves the choice of using a crane or a dolly to shoot. Most of the films made suffer because of poor camera movement.

Shooting in sequence

This is the last and most important thing. Shooting in sequence helps you fall back on what you shot and consume lesser time in arranging it sequentially. Take one shot at a time and then formulate them together, just like solving a puzzle.

Proficiency will ultimately come with practice and experience, but if you don’t stick to the basics, you may never be able to  reach there.

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