6 Ways to make your LinkedIn account more appealing

The age of social networking started almost a decade ago with the arrival of Facebook and the likes. For the professional people, the option available to connect with their counterparts on the internet was LinkedIn. It provided them access to many tools to utilize while connecting with other like-minded people in the relevant profession. Here are some ideas to help you stand out among the millions of users on the website.

Complete and Precise Profile

Any account held should have complete and precise details of the user. This helps others to easily recognize and connect with them on the internet. The 100% complete status on the network provides better opportunities to the profile holders. So, take time to fill in details and make your profile stand out.

Right Job Title and Summary

The “use default” job title is better avoided as it is too commonplace now. Get a unique title that gives you an edge over others. Include important keywords while choosing a title as this will certainly help others to search you. Summarize the job profile and experience in a consistent manner. Make sure that you do not over indulge as being smart is cool, but you don’t want to sound brash too.

Use the Perfect Tools

LinkedIn has added a lot of valuable tools for the users to take advantage of. With the use of the perfect ones on offer, any user can maintain their accounts without much headache. Many needless things should be avoided as it can consume a lot of time online. Certain features provide so much ease for the users to publish their activity on other networks as well.

Be Visible and Credible

Participate on the site regularly by sharing valuable posts and writing out guidelines for others that can help them. Increasing visibility on the site is not a very hard thing; ensure that you are doing it in a clean manner. Do join groups that are relevant to your profession and follow others. Share valuable information and posts with an intention to reach out. This helps to build credibility among the contacts.

Connect Quickly

Once you are a part of the networking world, it becomes necessary to be an active participant. The fraternity should be accepted quickly and the real world contacts added to your network as fast as possible. Gone are the days of holding visiting cards for contact details. Now you can rely on their profile for updated ones. Any new dealing and the first to do is add them to your network. This helps you to grow as a professional and also to garner more contacts through them.

Stay accessible

It is not easy for everyone to stay online forever, but one can make it simple for others to contact them. Make your account so easy to access that people get to it without much effort. One way to achieve easy access is by getting personalized URL. Also, you can share recent projects that you have worked on, via a tool that enables PowerPoint sharing online.

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    Advice on LinkedIn is always welcomed. I seriously haven’t managed to drive a lot of traffic from the site. One thing I really hate is how they limit the amount of groups you’re allowed to join., In my pinion that’s a bad rule. Overall I enjoy the site but tend not to spend much time there what so ever.

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