6 Precautionary Tips to Minimize Earthquake Damage

An earthquake is considered to be one such natural calamity that is believed to cause major loss to both life and property. Even though the loss is irreparable, one can always opt for prevention of its magnitude by preparing for such a disaster. Speaking of which, let us now go through some of the preventive measures that should always be taken before hand.

Keep a Medical Kit in Place

When an earthquake strikes it is quite possible that it may injure you as well as those around you. The chaos around is likely to be so intense that getting hold of medical care would be next to impossible. This is when a well kept medical kit can come to your rescue. You need to make it a point for your medical kit to house all basic items such as the likes of bandages, pain killers and of course antiseptics.

Stock Food and Water

In order to survive, consumption of food and water becomes a must. When any natural calamity takes place as devastating as an earthquake, supply of food and clean water is likely to come to a complete standstill. This is exactly when the food and water stocked in your house will help you keep going for the next few days.

Firmly Affix All Household Accessories

When an earthquake takes place the first thing that is likely to happen is that all your furniture and other household items are likely to come tumbling down. In order to eliminate both loss of life and property you need to make it a point to affix all the furniture accessories in such a fashion that even a major earthquake shock would keep the same unaffected.

Take a Crisis Management Tutorial

Many a times, when we are hit by an unfavorable environmental condition, we tend to get a cold feet and eventually end up panicking. Instead, what approach we need to adopt here is to keep our cool and patiently deal with the muddle. In order to succeed with this outlook you can simply sign up to some or the other crisis management programme, where you are sure to be taught all the essential tricks of the trade.

Safeguard Important Documents

If and when an earthquake was to strike, there are high chances that you would end up losing all items that are precious to you including all the vital documents, especially if you choose to overlook its consequences. You can easily avert this situation by safeguarding all your important documents well in advance. This can be done by storing the same in a safety vault outside your home or at one such place inside your house wherein the documents are sure to remain unaffected by the earthquake tremor.

Form an Emergency Group

Last, but not the least comes yet another effective way of dealing with an earthquake, which is to go ahead and deal collectively by forming an emergency group. An emergency group can be formulated by taking into consideration various people living in your vicinity. In such a group, duties and responsibilities are already allocated among people and thus when it’s action time, every person would proceed with his or her role and finally try to minimize losses.

Its beyond our control to hinder a natural disaster, but thanks to the technology these days, we can have an idea as to when the potential calamity may strike. It’s better to prevent than to repent!

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