Tips on Becoming a Travel Writer

Being a passionate travel writer is the key to opening doors for people to feel transported to the destination! Travel writing should be treated like a business says William Gray, award-winning travel writer and photographer. Here are a few tips to help you get started on a brilliant career as a travel writer.

1. Travel writing does not always necessitate frequent travels to different destinations

You could write about a historic place in your hometown or you could write about the exciting football match that you witnessed when you visited Brazil! You should create a stirring of interest when you write to hold your reader interested in reading the entire article.

2. Select your angle as this is very important

You may wish to write about your experiences as you travelled across Casablanca on your own. If you are a foodie, your expenses may be paid though it may barely suffice and you have to make many sacrifices when exploring new cuisines.  Make a point instead of aimlessly writing about your travels. Your entire article should point out to a lesson learnt for readers to heed and take note.

3. Dedication and practice is essential

When travelling to a country, it is important to capture the sounds, sights as well as smells. Your reader should feel as if they can actually smell the sea air and feel the mountain breeze when reading your articles about your visit to New Zealand.

4. Build up a database and post your information on your blog post and social media

Research and make sure your database is extensive when tapping potential markets. If you can publish your stories in multiple websites you will be able to find some profitable returns on your travel investment. Once you are able to attract readers and carry on a discussion with them you will find that people start looking to you for advise and guidance. This will attract outlets of larger media and improve your public image.

5. Read guidelines before approaching publishers

This is very important as you will make it easier for them to hire you. Read some of their back-issues to get a feel of their publishing style. Approach them cautiously and offer them gentle bait by telling them you were planning a destination trip and could run some angles for stories with them before you left. If they are interested they will call for a meeting and you may have most of your travel expenses covered.

6. Do not compromise on quality

Improve on your writing skills by taking up courses in journalism or English. Your article should inspire readers to plan their trip or learn more from your sightseeing experiences. Make sure to introduce images and use descriptive language when relating your experiences in the hotel, on land or air.

7. Travel writing is not only about visiting destinations

You can contact various publication companies and offer a travel guidebook with clear guidelines. You can also tempt readers to read articles about your experience in your own backyard! If you have travelled a few miles to hear your favorite group sing and play, you could write about your views and the experience. Do not restrict yourself to writing only about travels to exotic destinations.

8. Be bold and adventurous

In a competitive world, unless you put your best foot forward you are not going to earn enough to set up a nest egg! If you have a regular job, continue to work and look forward to earning your vacation even though you are paid a pittance. When you do not rely on the income to sustain, you will write more professionally and enjoy the experience.

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