6 Ways to Learn Code

Many of us know how to use the computer to browse general subjects, check out emails and visit a few social media sites. There has been a growing demand for learning how to get the best out of one’s computer especially with the introduction of various tutorials available on in-browser programming. If you have a keen desire to learn more about the Internet and speaking its language, there is no need to buy books or install software anymore. All one requires when learning to code from home is an eagerness to start and point the browser on any one of the programmers listed below. Rake one step at a time and work hands-on to pick up salient information and excel in coding.

1. Eloquent Javascript

Look for interactive lessons on the web version which is free and can easily be completed within the browser. This type of programming helps you get a deeper understanding especially when you need to get more information on computer science.

2. Khan Academy

As a multimedia artist, you require to interact and learn the programming language with animations, images and get visual results.  Khan Academy focuses on such tutorials and use the Processing programming language as well as JavaScript implementation.  Numerous designers, artists and researchers go through the coding exercises before moving on to the interactive drawing program. Novices will find this a good place to start learning to code from their own browsers. The program can be easily downloaded and you can find books that document the details.

3. Codecademy

In order to code online, look for easy startups such as the Codecademy that you can access from your browser easily. The instructions provided by the New York City based company are interactive and free. Code Academy was initiated by Zachary Sims and Ryan Bubinski who started the Y-Combinator. They came up with a brilliant idea of tests and challenges for basic programming to help programmers land good jobs.

You are able to keep a track of your score as you learn and you also get badges as rewards to motivate you to learn the right way. Codecademy also tracks your total score and completed lessons and gives you a trophy when you complete the course. Learn JavaScript lessons that are more static and the common language of the web. All you have to do is to enter your email details or log-in using Facebook.

4. Bloc (Ruby)

This is a quick way to learn how to deploy web application and get instant results. Beginners may find it a little confusing in the beginning but you can instantly learn to build a shortened URL. CS education is now made easier using startups like Block.

5. Code Avengers

This programming course offers three tutorials which include 2 levels of JavaScript and HTML/CSS.  HTML is a good way to startup and learn how to work with code.

Once you are able to fumble around start learning CSS as this will encourage you to try JavaScript. This website is more user-friendly for young users wanting to have fun as they learn. Towards this end, many graphical exercises and games are introduced after certain levels are reached. Students learn to be competitive as they gain or lose points as they go along.

6. Use the iPad

This is a novel way to learn more about coding especially when you are travelling or commuting. Learn to use the app GLSL Studio to code games on the iPad. Many of us have learned to get the best out of our gadgets by experimenting and having fun. PROC355lN6 is the unofficial version available on iPad for users who wish to learn how to edit and run Processing Sketches.

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