6 Simple Tips on How to Eat Clean When You Are Traveling

In order to stay in shape we should first master the art of eating good nutritious food. When we are out travelling we tend to splurge and pay less attention to the calories we consume. This is because we thing we owe it to ourselves to bend the rules a bit but this is the reason we quickly put back all that weight we worked so hard at losing. We can continue to eat clean even when travelling and continue to have a good time.

1. Stay committed and tell yourself you are going to have fun

A few days before you are set to leave on vacation, prepare a few snacks. If you are planning to travel by road, you have the convenience of packing foods that will stay fresh in your cooler. Care should be taken to see that it remains insulated for at least 8 hours by adding ice packs. You can make sandwiches using lean meat, eggs or tuna and these will keep your energy levels up. Make your own granola bars and include healthy nuts with the oatmeal and honey. These are especially good for you as they contain fiber, minerals as well as vitamins. Keep the sugar content low and add dried fruit to curb your sweet cravings. If you do not find the time to make them you can pick them up at any health food store.

2. Foods that you can eat without feeling guilty

Hummus, yoghurt, almonds and trail mixes are great companies when you are traveling by car. Whenever you need to make a stop, you can whip out these snacks and offer them to your family members. You can also cut up some celery sticks, cucumber and carrot and serve them with your favorite cheese. Be smart and offer these goodies when you know you are going to make a stop at the gas station. You can thus avoid the temptation of picking up those snacks that only add calories to your waistline.

3. Pack your food in sterile containers or bags

Pack foods in ziplock bags or containers and label them so that you know which ones to reach for when you take a break. Before you reach the hotel, make sure to get a room that is equipped with a fridge, coffee maker and microwave. You can transfer the foods to the fridge and use them by heating in the microwave when you are ready to snack or eat a meal.

When you are on a holiday you may detest the idea of eating all your meals in the room. Do not hesitate to splurge once a day by indulging in some forbidden foods! Check out the menu in the restaurant and opt for roasted meats with less fat and add a large portion of vegetables and a pile of salad to each meal.

Carry plenty of water and avoid fizzy drinks and sodas. A few slices of lime in the water will taste refreshing and act as a great thirst quencher. If you are tempted to reach for a soft drink select a protein drink instead.

4. Plan your meals in advance before you step on the aircraft

If you are travelling by air, you can plan ahead and carry some cut fruit or vegetables in little throw-away containers. Carry some nuts that you have lightly roasted at home without salt. Food that is normally served on a flight has been lying around for hours on end before it is reheated and served. Why eat such foods when you can pack those delicious slices of meat that you had prepared at home. Since you are not permitted to carry liquids on the flight, you could carry pouches of dry oatmeal and throw in some crushed nuts, cinnamon and a little Stevia. Ask for some boiling water on the flight and make your own easy to eat food. If you have to eat on board, you could request for some food that is gluten and wheat free. Do not forget to move and stretch whenever you get a chance especially when you have to sit for long hours at a time.

5. Try to walk, run or exercise

Once you check into your hotel, try to get some time to inspect the area and look for stores that store fresh fruits and vegetables. You could gorge on them or look at menus in hotels nearby to see if you could eat lean foods.

Sitting around doing nothing can also make you reach out for junk food and add up those calories. Go for a run around the block and you may come across a health food store where you can pick up some whole grain crackers, dried fruit, ginger chews and reach for them when you are hungry.

Look for a gym in the hotel and make sure to spend at least 30 minutes working out. You will feel good and not so guilty when you eat at that restaurant and sip that delicious cocktail. Avoid too much of alcohol as that will only increase the unnecessary calories and probably give you a hangover the next day. Many people eat more when they drink and this is something one has to be wary as you also end up eating the wrong foods!

6. Maintain hygiene at all times

Make sure to wash your hands before every meal especially when you move around in areas where there are too many people walking around. Use hand sanitizer and wet wipes whenever you require them. Carry a large water bottle and make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Enjoy long walks after a meal and explore the area.

When you return home after a long vacation, step on your scales without feeling guilty and be happy if you have gained just a few pounds. That is only natural as you were vacationing! Work hard to get your body back into shape and start counting those calories to ensure that you are fighting fit and feeling on top of the world.

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