5 Ways to pack your suitcase efficiently

Regardless of whether you are packing for an overnight trip or an extended vacation, learning new ways to pack your suitcase efficiently can save you time and money. With just a bit of planning and by following a couple of simple tips, you will be able to pack your suitcase in a record amount of time without the backache of lugging around a large suitcase that you don’t need. These tips can be used regardless of whether you are a serious traveler or just somebody who does it from time to time, as they are great for saving time, money, space and allowing you to feel much better during your holiday.


Daily Planning

One of the biggest mistakes that travelers make is over packing which can become costly especially if you are flying. This is so due to the constant changes in airline prices which have managed to increase from year to year. Now, customers may even be requires to pay as much as $50 for extra space on the airplane which could’ve been received for free in the past. Keep in mind the fact that unless you are under a time crunch, all cities have laundry mats, so packing just what you need can help you save a lot of time and hassle when packing. By having your day planned out well, you can easily decide how much of everything should be brought together with what the items that must be packed are.


Only pack what you need

In order to pack your suitcase more efficiently you should have a general rule of thumb when packing which will help you adapt and pack quicker. With this in mind, try your best to pack the items that you need only. Doing so can greatly reduce the space used in the bag and even allow you to pack some of the items which you don’t necessarily need.

There are certain pieces of clothing that should be brought anywhere in the case that you’re willing to spend the night. You obviously should have enough clean socks and underwear for each day of your trip. For shirts, jeans, shorts, skirts and pants you should not only have a complete outfit for each day but at least two extra shirts and bottoms just in case you spill something or need a quick chance of clothes. You should pack a max of two pairs of shoes which can be a casual pair for everyday living and a dressier option for meetings, dinner or outings in which you might want to dress up. Packing with this idea in mind is definitely sure to reduce the time it takes you to get your bags ready together with the hassle which people who bring too many things with them may run into, such as extra fares, or the fear of losing a valuable.

Trial size versus full size

Unless you are planning on traveling for weeks at a time, trial sized toiletries should be more than enough to get you by, so instead of packing full size bottles opt for the smaller ones. This will allow you to take all of your favorite shampoos, conditioners, soaps and even perfumes without taking up too much space in your suitcase.

Consider using vacuumed storage bags

For many travelers the amounts of clothes and items that they pack in their suitcases tends to take up space that they need for other things such as laptops, medication and electronic devices which can be eliminated by using vacuumed storage bags. These are bags that you can purchase at most department stores and which are made specifically for giving you more space inside your luggage. They neatly compile your clothes into a packed area without wrinkling them, making it easier for you to have everything that you need. They are reusable so the money is well spent.


Roll versus folding & layering

When it comes to packing your suitcase if no vacuum bags are handy you may want to consider rolling your clothing instead of folding because it saves space as well. You have the ability to reduce the size of the clothes and how they are bunched versus if you were folding them and placing them directly into the suitcase. You can choose to use a wrinkle free laundry detergent before packing to help reduce the likely hood of them becoming crumpled. You can also save space also by layering things, so consider placing items such as undergarments on the main bottom, followed by your heavier items such as slacks, pants, shoes, etc. followed by a final layer of your lighter items including shirts, skirts, thin jackets. Once all of your clothing is packed, you can then add any breakables or fragile items on top without the need to worry that they may break due to an overloaded suitcase.

The tips which have been highlighted are sure to make packing much easier for anyone will to travel for one day, or even several weeks as the methods make sure that you include all of the important items, while also leaving some space for those which may not be so important. Bear in mind the fact that you may also shop for a few more products while you’re away, so having a bit of extra space won’t hurt.

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